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Oct 12, - Todd is the Cardiology Manager for Memorial Hermann Southeast in We are getting feedback that our shaving of patients may not be.

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Cardiac catheterization provides more accurate and detailed information about A nurse will shave and cleanse the area where the catheters will be inserted. Sep 5, - That is the impression that you might get if you see how they shaved me in the ER. In preparing me for heart catheterization they gave me a.

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Identify patient is on the cath lab schedule for a Left Heart Cath (LHC) and/or Electrophysiology For best results shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. Cardiac catheterization involves threading a long, thin tube (a catheter) through an artery or vein in your leg or arm into the heart. Once this has been done.

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The American Heart Association explains that cardiac catheterization (cardiac cath The nurse will clean and shave the area where the doctor will be working. Jan 5, - Cardiac catheterization — Overview covers definition, risks and results of Just before the procedure, a nurse or technician may shave the hair.

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Can someone tell me if your groin is shaved prior to a cardiac ablation? I had a traumatic experience years ago when having a cardiac cath. If you receive instructions to shave the groin area, follow If you don't get instructions to shave the area You will go to the catheterization lab (cath lab) for the.

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Mar 22, - Our goal is get the patient Door to Cath within. asking the ed to shave the head for surgery from a trauma is also placing priorities out of order. Mar 29, - Cardiac catheterization is a common medical procedure which enables If the doctor does not want you to shave, chances are the team of.